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Turning Roll (Small & Medium)

​Turning Roll(Small & Medium)

Turning Rolls are rotation device for cylindrical work-piece and used for longitudinal and circumferential welding of Pressure Vessels, for circumferential welding of Dished End and Shell, for welding of Nozzle, for circumferential welding of Pipe and Flange, for butt-welding of large dia. Pipes, and also used for assembling, cutting, heating and painting of Tanks, Pipes, Pressure Vessels, etc. Turning rolls are now a standard production facility to increase productivity in the welding and fabricating of cylindrical work-piece through faster production, better quality welding and a minimum of manual handling or crane service.

As the past supply record of Matsumoto, various types from min. 1 to 1,000 tons of loading weight have been manufactured.



 In almost all cases, turning rolls are selected according to weight of work-piece to be mounted onto turning rolls. However, for work-piece of large diameter and very thin plate thickness, it is necessary to select a slightly large turning roll than the actual mounting load.  


RD-3-INW uses Urethane Roll that has excellent resistance to scratch on work piece.

    Also, R-1-INB uses special rubber that has deformation-wear-resistance and

    peel-resistance which is made by pressure molding, and it is easy to be replaced.

​* RS-1-INB is Single Wheel Drive, also RD-3-INW & others are two motors drive without

    drive shaft, so spatter or dust will never be caught in it. Also, the defects decreased. 

The bed rigidity is great & strong.

​* Enable to maintenance easily.

Automatic Welding system can be provided by combining Turning Roll with Manipulator,

    Torch Stand & Weld Arm.

New Function: Peripheral speed meter is installed as standard equipment, so that

    peripheral speed can be set easily & required welding speed can be provided readily.      



Capacity: 1,000 kgs


Capacity: 3,000 kgs


Capacity: 5,000 kgs


Capacity: 10,000 kgs


Capacity: 20,000 kgs


Capacity: 40,000 kgs


Turning Roll (Small & Medium)

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