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Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

Model: TA-60XW

■ Features:    

Economical Table Sliding System!

   Due to table sliding system, almost all surface

   of Diamond Disc can be utilized, so it is very

   economical. It is very easy to use, you can

   sharpen the electrode at one hand.

Applicable Min. Electrode Length is 20mm!

   Because of built-in gage, Electrode can be

   sharpened as min. length 20mm without waste.

   It is suitable for small size torch.

Long Life by excellent cooling effect!   

   Unique cooling system achieved

   thermal diffusion for sharpened part.

   The burn is hard to be occurred, so that

   the tip of electrode is immune against chipped.

Accurate angle for sharpening without 


   Applicable angle of 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°,

  105°, 120° are capable of being accurately

   reproduced. Also, misalignment caused by bent 

   electrode hardly affect so that the electrode can

   be used for Plasma Torch.

Universal Design which is focused on 

   usability & safety!

   Diamond disc can be replaced easily without

   using any tool. Also, because of the clear

   protection cover, you can check the sharpened

   situation safely.


* In case of grinding electrode Dia. 3.2mm or

  over, rough grinding in advance can reduce disc

  abrasion & also grinding time.

* The electrode which has much bend sometimes

   can cause misalignment.

* The Frequency of grinding can get fewer if 

   the electrode is pressed on the disc strongly.




角度 TA-60XW.jpg

Angle Adjustment Range


Sharpened Tungsten Electrodes


Outstanding Arc Start!

For various kinds of industries!!

Model: TA-CX



● Collet is unnecessary!


● No Adjustment is required, Easy Operation!


● Diamond Disc can be used with no waste 

   due to slide type collet head!


● Applicable shortest Electrode Length is     


Long Life by excellent cooling effect!   

Universal Design which is focused on 

   usability & safety!




Easy Operation!!

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