Cooling Water Circuit Device

Welding Fume Extractor



Pursuing more efficiency of Fume Extraction!!

Supporting to improve operating environment!!

Ultimate Cost-performance!!

High Static Pressure, Long Life & Local Extraction!!



● Centrifugal separation mechanism!!

Spatter & Fume are separated by rotational flow,and it avoid spatter invation the filter.


● Air Shock filter cleaning function!!

Compressed air is blew automatically to two filters alternately for cleaning.


​● Continuous Operation is available!!

During fume extraction, filter can be cleaned up, so that continuous operation is available. It is the best suitable for Robot Welding or Automatic Welding.

● High performance Cartridge type Twin Filter!!

Two filters are included as stadard accessories.Filter is coated by PTFE coating & also it has antistatic tratment.

● Extraction Pressue Gauge is standard accesories!!

Filter condition can be confirm easily.

● Interlocking with robot is available!!

External interlocking 4P metal connector is installed on the back of the main unit, so interlocking with Robot or Automatic welding system is available.

​● Easy Fume disposal!!

Drawing type fume tray can take out easily to scap extracted fume.

● 2 points extraction (Option)!!

Branch Unit (optional item) can extract 2 points at the same time.

● Original inverter type variable flow rate adjusting function!!

Blower rotation is variable. Accurate extraction flow volume can be obtained by stepless adjustment.


■ Example by Welding Robot (Suction Nozzle: RAS-1T)