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Nozzle Cleaner

Nozzle Cleaner


Nozzle Cleaner is the device to automatically removed the spatter which has adhead into the nozzle of welding torch for the arc welding robot, and to coat automatically the Anti-spatter agent. Furthermore, we have Wire Cutter that can cut the wire edge and maintain the wire projection length constantly, so that arc starting can be better.

(Wire cutter is definetely needed in case of using start point sensor.)



​● Main Body is made of Stainless Steel which is anti-rust material so that rusting caused by Anti-patter agent can be prevented.

● Interface is NO NEED because all operation is controlled by proximity switch. Installation is very easy, so this device can be used with any brand robot. Also, if the robot is installed already, this device can be set very soon.

● Due to increment of robot operating time greatly, productivity & quality can be improved.

RNP-7 (Spring Type)

RNP-5-VC (Wire Cutter)

​● Our uniquely developped Spring Type spatter remover. 


● Due to flexibility of spring, there is no worry about stuck the spatter remover into the torch nozzle. Also Spring can be attached by one-touch operation. (For low voltage)


To combine for using together RNP-3 or RNP-7 with RNP-5 make it possible to cut the wire, clean the nozzle inside & dip in Anti-spatter agent. 

​● Wire Cutting function only.

● Two Blades cross to cut off the wire without remainder of the wire.


RNP-3 (Reamer Type)

● After removing the spatter inside the torch nozzle, the nozzle is dipped into the Anti-spatter agent.

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