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Wire Feeder Assist

Wire Feeder Assist

"MAC" Wire Feeder Assist is installed on Bulk Pack for Robot Welding and Semi-automatic Welding, enabling smooth wire feeding by reducing a resistance in Conduit. Resulting, a welding quality is increased, Easy control of remaining wire in Pack, etc. Interfacing with Welding Robot is NO NEED. 



(Panel Description : Japanese)


(Panel Description: English)

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● Interlocking function with Welding Robot & Retract function is originally equipped.

● Multi Frequency for both 50Hz/60Hz.

● Pressure Roller is rose up by the spring, so the wire is able to be set easily.

● Easy for start to turning ON the Power.

​● No need about synchronizing sygnal.

● Long Conduit Cable is applicable.

● Inching function can insert the wire easily.

● Bulk Pack Wire can be used, then No empty wire reel occuring.


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Wire feeder with torch.jpg

Operator can easily carry Wire Feeder

(without cable) and Torch. Bulk Pack Wire

is ceaper than 20 kgs wire coil in KG.

Also, operator no need to exchange 

the wire so often.

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